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Skateboard suits XAVIA RACING – International Version

3 Sep , 2015  

Today, the protective gear is problematic question in the longboarding practice .
To protect ourselves is the way to safety and allows to ride as long as possible . It’s a choice that each person much make and gauging without moderation. We’re meeting for a bit special review. Following a partnership with XAVIA , we were able to review the ultimate protection: the leather suit!
After sores and pizzas, we thought that a review about leather suit for hills amateurs was a good idea. Our rider Antoine Cormouls took a plunge and and has commissioned a tailored combination from XAVIA Racing. But..who is this famous leather seller who bewitch riders ?
At XAVIA Racing, It’s Shabbir Ahmed who’s driving! Trade, travel to events, meeting with riders…this person is everywhere in the field of longboarding!




How did this person in his forties from Pakistan have integrate himself among the specialist of the skateboarding leather suit ? He started to produce motorcycles leather suit 13 years ago. Then, 7/8 years ago, following an increasing demand of downhill leather suit, he and his associates began the production. Shabbir told us that at the beginning there were a lot of issues with leather suit . Paying close attention to the riders’ feedbacks, Pakistan’s contractor was able to improve his products and directly communicate with the community. On his way to a competition in Philippines, he realized that more than half of these riders wore his combinations. Today, the campany produces nearly 50 pieces per month. In France, there are more than 80 riders with a XAVIA leather suit. What makes the success of the combination Xavia?


Its location in the Middle East Indian, allows it to produce a interesting quality/price ratio and offers a longboard combinasion from €350. The local leather, cowhide, sewn on the spot. Customized size, color customization, the number of patches… In short, the total for less than € 500.
  • Leather : cowhide
  • Thickness: 1.3 mm
  • Lining: knees, shoulders, buttocks
  • Seams: tripled & more in sensitive areas
For the measurements, colors and logos provisions, just follow the XAVIA guide.


Once the measurements taken, the selected colors and logos salvaged, simply send the file by email to Shabbir. Go to the checkout and go for a good week of waiting before the first impressions. Pending open the package, it was possible to follow step by step the progress of the production of the skate suit.
Cutting of the materials :






Cutting of the logos and their positioning:
The seam of the main parts between themselves and logos:
And the final finish ,for this case, the white stripes:







Let’s go to the test phase. I had the chance to test this product during the 3rd Bomb Hard Freeride.  (Great video by Yvon Labarthe from Flying Focus – you must see that!)


  • Comfort : the combinasion is flexible. Indeed, we keep all the handling to ride with ease. The inside nylon stick to skin when sweating a little. For extra comfort, a tight microfiber Tshirt will be nice. Be careful, not go wrong in the measurements – XAVIA strictly comply its. From shoulders to ankles, the feeling is nice. The elastic side bands which extend over the arms allow to improve the quality of the movements of the arms and chest. The leather part on the lumbar portion also has this advantage. The same bands placed at the crotch and the calves also allow this freedom of movement. We feel that the different materials do the job, that’s reassuring.
  • Safety: The joints are provided with flexible rubber shells. Usefull, they sometimes showed themselves a bit annoying. Shins are protected by a fine foam, effective for the returns of board. By way of ridge, a simple foam plate which lowers up to lumbar vertebraes – discreet, flexible, but not very effective in case of big crash. The  » memorizing » foam can turned out crippling: your ended run, you arrive below where you remove the top of the suit to aerate a little, you sit down but in reality you also sit you on the small foam ridge and suprise when we want to put back the top… it is folded and it is a little bit boring every time, because it is necessary to reexamine it.


Tips: you can use Gform instead of rubber shells (knees and elbows) – comfortable, effective protection.
  • Finishes: Overall is okay but was detected two-three details that will make the most demanding wince. First of all the inner lining is fragile, it will tend to rip the combi. For sponsos guys, beware of patches! We noticed they discolored by rubbing the asphalt during slippery falls. Some patches are doubled (sewn over leather) of a plastic material which during impacts and slides ripping. Even if the integrated protections are welcome, they are a bit large, awkward as we seen previously. Beyond that, we liked the zipper, the small key pocket, the respect of the locations of the parts and their colors.


Verdict: I’m not disappointed but I confess I expected better. The nice thing is the comfort of the suit. Although some seams have ripped at the falls and slips, the leather resisted. As I said, the protections are always welcome, but the size of the shells is debatable – especially for back. We prefered to take off it and put Gform and have more comfort, more handling, more safety. Beyond finishes, we will retain that Shabbir’s combinations hold up and allow to bold and passionate riders to ride safe and for long. We give a good average to XAVIA but a slight improvement will find the perfect balance between comfort, safety & finish.


Do you wear a leather suit on Events ?

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Thanks to Thais Gravouil for the translation

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