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11 Déc , 2016  

La dernière vidéo de l’incontournable Peyragudes Never Dies est sur UDmag! Video officielle de l’un des plus gros rassemblements de skate de descente en France , organisé par l’association Slides et Peyragudes Downhill.

We are happy to present you « The final phase » ; the recapitulative video of Peyragudes Never Dies 2016 !! 2 days of Freeride and 2 days of French championship and some groovy sunset sechs organised by Peyragudes Never Dies and Slides !

Thanks to all those without whom this video would not have been able to be made : Basile Duterte, Frédéric Lajoiniei, Estelle Magnan, Spike Ziwiel Gregoire Blackkross, Rollin Max and special filmmaker : Tristan Gallen !!

Huge Thanks to all our volunteers Who gave everything to offer you 4 days of crazy sessions!

Big up to the Peyragudes resort and to its staff : Laurent, Sylvie and Victor!
Special BIG UP to Bar pizzeria CHEZ MANU Peyragudes ant Gino for all their kindness!

Special thanks to all of our partners and sponsors : Blackkross Kustom Longboardz, Sickboardshop, Miller Division , Madrid Skateboards CZ, Wigga, Roarockit Skateboard Company, NMN Longskates, Rollin Max, UDmag Longboardmagazine, UnicornShop, The Big Daddy, Station de Peyragudes and Région MidiPyrénées-LanguedocRoussillon !!

Ride fast, ride safe and see you next year !!



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